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Time is of the essence. A technician is standing by to help troubleshoot the problem over the phone. Just call or message us from this website.


Our technicians will carefully extract the data from your device and recover as many files as possible, in as little as 3 days.


You will receive a detailed report of the files recovered and then we’ll ship the recovered data to you on a new USB drive.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Pay nothing if we are unable to recover any of your files.

Pricing Packages

Pay Nothing Upfront. Flat Rate Data Recovery Service Pricing.
No Hidden Fees.

  • Basic
    $99 Per media
    Within One Week
    • 1-2 day evaluation
    • 2-3 day recovery
  • Medium
    $199 Per media
    As Little As Three Days
    • 2-hour evaluation
    • 2-3 day recovery
  • Advanced
    $299 Per media
    Next-Day Service
    • 2-hour evaluation
    • 24-hour recovery

All Packages Include

  • Flat Rate Recovery Service Pricing
  • NO DATA – NO CHARGE Guaranteed
  • FREE Replacement Storage Device
  • 3-10 Day Turnaround Times
  • No Credit Card Upfront
  • No Hidden Fees

You may only get one chance for data recovery

If your data is important, then trust the best in the business. Any attempts to recover data by anyone other than a professional can lead to irreversible damage – we know, we’ve seen it before!

Still have questions?

Just text us or call us

1(844) DATA-911

Expect an immediate response, we know time is of the essence.

We love happy costumers

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Recovery Services

Professional data recovery solutions for computers, hard drives, memory cards and more.

Computers and Phones

Hard Drives, Solid Secure Disks, USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your prices so low?

Your first thought might be you get what you pay for. At least that’s what most of our competition will tell you. We prefer to think of it as only paying for what you need!

While other low-price recovery companies are able to offer pricing by only accepting the easiest jobs, our service focuses on charging you for the services you absolutely need, and we can accept drives with any issue!

Most recovery companies charge ~$1000 for a recovery. The idea being that they’ve accommodated for all possible issues, including some of the worst/most expensive.

If you’ve sent a drive with a very simple issue such as bad firmware, they’ve essentially over-estimated and keep the additional charge as revenue. Firmware is one of the many issues covered by our flat rate recovery service.

We can’t promise every drive that is sent in can be recovered without additional cost , but there are many things you can do to avoid them.

We can promise that you will only ever be charged for something that is absolutely needed.

Can I drop my package off to one of your locations?

Sorry, all packages must be processed and received by FedEx using the prepaid shipping label we provided.

Do I have to pay anything upfront?

No. You do not have to pay anything upfront and we include a free prepaid shipping label with your order. If your device shipping weight exceeds 10 pounds, there will be a shipping surcharge, but the shipping surcharge will be displayed during the checkout process.

How long will it take my recover my data?

SDR offers 3 different recovery packages, which include different turnaround times ranging from as little as 1 to 30+ days. We recommend selecting the recovery package that includes the turnaround time frame you require.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs?

Our flat rate pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees for the data recovery service itself. The ONLY instances of a potential additional cost are:

1. If your device shipping weight exceeds 10 pounds, there will be a shipping surcharge for the return of your device. This can be easily avoided by only sending your drive, and not your laptop or full desktop.

2. If you have opened the drive while not in a clean room, there will be a $50+ non-refundable fee in the event we determine your data is recoverable.

3. If you have had the drive serviced by another company prior to us, we reserve the right to add a $50+ non-refundable fee in the event we determine your data is recoverable.

4. If your drive has more than 2TB of data stored, there will be a $100 fee per TB after 2TB. Please see the FAQ entry below on this for additional detail.

5. If your drive requires additional parts to get the drive healthy enough to get the data off. We will notify you if this is the case after completing our diagnostic. If your drive is clicking, beeping, or making other irregular noises, this is a good indication it will need physical repair and require additional parts.

How can I send my drive to your data recovery center?

After you select a recovery package and complete the checkout process, your order confirmation will include a FREE prepaid shipping label to send your device to our data recovery center. Simply print the order confirmation receipt, include it in your shipping box and affix the prepaid shipping label to your box. You can drop off the package at any FedEx location or call FedEx to schedule a pickup.

Should I send my entire computer or just the hard drive?

If the computer is a laptop, you are welcome to send the entire laptop using our free prepaid shipping label if you don’t feel comfortable removing the hard drive yourself. If the computer is a desktop computer, you can avoid a potential shipping surcharge by removing the hard drive and only sending the hard drive itself, otherwise you can ship the entire desktop tower unit.

What does “turnaround” mean?

Turnaround time refers to the number of business days it takes to recover your files and ship the replacement drive. The turnaround time starts the following business day after your storage device has been delivered to the SDR data recovery center. This does NOT include any time that may be needed for ordering required replacement parts, time awaiting a response for process approval, or the time needed to complete the repairs. If we need to order any replacement parts / hardware, you will be notified via email with an estimate on the ETA for receiving those replacement parts. Listed turnaround times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Please note, in cases with extensive physical damage to the drive, SSD/SD/USB chip-off recoveries, and/or multiple failed drive RAID, the process can be 20 days or more in the recovery stage, regardless of the package chosen.

What does this process work?

Start by choosing the package that best suits your needs. The only difference is turnaround time.

After you select your package, we need to get a few pieces of information, including what issue the drive has. Don’t worry, we don’t collect any credit card information up front.

Next, you’ll be provided with a prepaid FedEx shipping label, as well as a packing slip to include with the drive in the box.

After you ship the drive, a technician will run a complete diagnostic. Once that is done, if we’ve determined the data is recoverable, you will be given the option to proceed, at which point we would collect your billing information.

Your drive will go into our queue based on the priority of the package you chose. Once recovered, the data will be sent back to you on a new USB drive.

You will receive notifications during every step of the process your drive goes through.

How will deliver my recovered files?

After the data recovery process is complete, our data recovery experts will upload the recovered data onto a brand new USB storage device. The new USB storage device (with the recovered files) will be shipped to you via FedEx using the return shipping speed method you selected during the checkout process.

How much do you charge if my files are unrecoverable?

$0. Your card will only be charged if we successfully recover data from your device. If we are unable to recover any files from your device, you pay nothing, and we’ll securely destroy your drive. If you instead choose to have the drive returned to you, the cost of the return shipping is typically $20 or less.

Do you provide a replacement hard drive?

All recovery packages include a free brand new USB storage device. Depending on the amount of data recovered, the recovered files will be uploaded on either a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with USB connection. Any data that is recovered successfully from your original device will be uploaded onto the new USB storage device and shipped to you via Fedex. Please note, the “replacement hard drive” will not be the same make / model of your original device type.

Can you recover all of the files or only a portion of the files?

This question can only be answered after the diagnostic process has been completed. We will send you an email confirming that user-specific files can successfully be recovered before our data recovery experts begin the data extraction process. If no files can be recovered from the device (i.e. if the device is too badly damaged), you will not be charged.

Please provide us with the priority files for recovery during the checkout process.

How do you ensure my files are kept private?

Confidentially is our top priority and we guarantee your files we be kept completely private. Only the specific data technician performing the data recovery process will see the list of files and this information will remain completely confidential throughout the entire process.

Can you recover data from damaged or broken devices?

Yes. Our data recovery experts use the most sophisticated data recovery techniques available to recover data from even the most damaged devices. We can also recover data from devices that are broken or malfunctioning, depending on the extent of the damage. We will send you an email confirming that user-specific files can successfully be recovered before our data recovery experts begin the data extraction process.

What type of devices can you recover data from?

SDR can recover data from virtually any type of electronic device and we support every major hard drive brand in existence. This includes Apple Mac Computers, Windows PCs, RAID servers, Micro SD Memory Cards, SD memory cards, USB Flash Drives, SSD Drives, Hard Drives, Windows Phones, Android Phones, iPhones and more.

Why Choose ADR?


Comprehensive Recovery Solutions

Use our FREE prepaid shipping label to send your hard drive or device to our data recovery center.

Data Recovery Experts

Our technicians will carefully extract the data from your device and recover as many files as possible, in as little as 24 hours.

Dedicated Customer Support

You will receive a detailed report of the files recovered and then we’ll ship the recovered data to you on a new USB drive.

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